Tuesday, March 22, 2011

O3LD is Now on Issuu!

No, you are not seeing things, and no, this is not "Photoshopped". Starting March 21, 2011, Operation Three-Legged Dolphin is making its way onto Issuu, an well-renowned publication-hosting website that is easy to use on computers, tablets and smartphones alike, and is the home to millions of magazines, books, pamphlets and so much more. We as a college magazine believe in the free distribution of our work, and digital distribution is just one of the ways we are targeting new prospective readers and recruiting new and ambitious staff members inside the College of Staten Island community.

So how good is Issuu? Part of what makes it the top publication site is the technology it has backing it and its ability to adapt said technology to changing times. Above is a screenshot of the HTML-based Issuu Reader BETA displaying our fourth issue in the Google Android built-in web browser (thanks to the Android-x86 Project). On laptops and home computers, Issuu provides their Flash-based reader with dynamic zoom and navigation controls (below) for comfortable reading, and can easily be embedded on different websites and blogs, thus making it possible to view publications from any platform big or small.

Lastly, we allow users with an account with Issuu to download issues of our magazine for personal reading free of charge! We also welcome constructive criticism on our work through comments from our fellow Issuu members. With every comment and e-mail, we're slowly making our magazine the best it can be by delivering exactly what our readers are looking for. This is just another way that the one and only humor magazine at the College of Staten Island is connecting with the community.

Check out our Issuu account at Issuu.com/O3LD, or click "Read Digital Issues" on the button bar above for quick links to past issues.

Friday, March 11, 2011

New O3LD Swag Has Arrived!

Ever wanted to walk around town with a three-legged mammal on the front of your shirt?  Now you can!

New O3LD t-shirts and hats have arrived!  To celebrate the launch of our new gear, we had a late-night photo shoot in our office, located in Building 1C Room 230 on CSI's campus.  Behold the men behind the madness.

Left to right: Matt Young, Mike Young, Dan Feldman.  To answer Zach Snyder's question, the leather jackets are not part of the promotional giveaways.

Dave Di Lillo's (center) brother Steve pointed out that we look like members of *NSYNC: http://static.tvfanatic.com/files/nsync.jpg
We even received an impromptu visit from O3LD favorite Andrew DiLorenzo and Brian Gonzalez, our neighbors from the Banner office!
Fronts close-up.
Hat close-up.
The second set of t-shirt designs arrived today!

Back close-up.  Both shirts feature the same back design.
Many thanks to the ever-talented Ed Peppe, O3LD's Editor-in-Chief, for bringing us these exciting designs, Paul from Ink Invasion (located at 456 Nome Avenue) for doing a great job with the printing, and Dave Di Lillo for being our staff photographer.

If you would like to receive one of these t-shirts or hats, please email O3LD@live.com or attend one of our upcoming Spring meetings and events, to be announced on the blog soon!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Welcome to the O3LD Blog!

The first meeting of Operation Three-Legged Dolphin was held in November 2007 in the 3N building on the College of Staten Island's campus.  Those who attended enjoyed the Gingerbread Pop Tarts and Coca-Cola I picked up on the way over.  At the start of the meeting, I drew a quick sketch of a dolphin with three legs, which I have recreated here, three-and-a-half years later. 

As I was leading the meeting, Dave Di Lillo, who took the title of "Secretary" but has always done so much more for the magazine, went over to the chalkboard and started drawing an upright version of the dolphin in full military fatigues.  Unwilling to concede that I had not intended for the dolphin to appear upright all along, I went home that evening and whipped up the first-ever non-chalk drawing of the three-legged dolphin.

The three-legged dolphin circa 2007.
Yes, I drew the dolphin's middle leg backwards. This was quickly corrected when I realized its walking would be reduced to a crab-like crawl, and I needed it to be athletic and fully mobile.  

While the question of who originally designed the dolphin (as well as whether I lost Dave's art project in our sophomore year of high school, when we first met) will forever be debated, what remains a fact is that there have been dozens of people who have put lots of work into making Operation Three-Legged Dolphin- or O3LD, as we like to call it, in short- what it is today.

I have been entirely blessed to have graduated from CSI and seen O3LD taken over by a new creative team, who will be frequently posting on this blog, along with myself.  Here you will be able to read old and current issues of the magazine electronically- on your computers, tablets, or mobile devices, as well as find out about all the latest in the O3LD universe.

So add us to your RSS feeds, find us on Facebook, link to us, send in submissions to our O3LD@live.com address, and keep reading our humble little magazine, which has become less humble as we make ourselves known on every possible platform.  

Thank you for many years of support and may we always be dolphins at heart!