Thursday, May 14, 2015

O3LD #11: The Final Issue!

We’ve just released the final issue of Operation Three-Legged Dolphin, featuring a last hurrah from each contributor of the original staff!  O3LD may resume in a new form someday, and we'll all be ready for it when that day comes. In the meanwhile, may we always be dolphins at heart. We’ll be sure to see you real soon!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

O3LD: 2015 Wall Calendars!

Once again, we’re ringing in the new year with new attitude! We’ve got our contemporary and hot-off-the-presses 2015 Wall Calendar for you to embrace! It’s jam-packed with with RPG-styled dragons, Halloween encounters, and lunar psychedelic possession! Digital art meets O3LD. We’re rocking this year like a three-legged hurricane, so be sure not to miss this one!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Issue #10 Launches!

Our tenth anniversary issue of Operation Three-Legged Dolphin is now available for all to see! Its zany depths feature a detailed retrospective of O3LD's dynamic past- including its former magazines and its full character cast. In addition, Issue #10 introduces the contemporary entry of "Punk Sloth Comix," a zine-styled portrayal detailing the life of true punk sloth. Be sure to check it out in stride!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

O3LD: 2014 Wall Calendars!

We all wish you a dolphin-tastic, rockin’ New Year’s!  To celebrate, we’ve released our first ever Operation Three-Legged Dolphin wall calendar! This 12 month package dives us into an 80s rock band, an eskimo camp, a Tokyo-styled dinery, and last but not least- the Statue of David in L'Accademia. Truly some classic artwork lies here. Twelve months of the year, twelve times overwhelmed by awesome art. Snag yours today!