Who/What Are We?

Operation Three-Legged Dolphin has made its mark as the only humor publication to call The College of Staten Island its home. It is organized, maintained, and run by the creative minds of the CSI student body, and is funded by Student Activity Fees. What we publish varies on who contributes to our magazine. So far, our writing and illustrations staff has provided witty social commentary, bits of political satire, pop culture parodies, page-long comic strips, crossword puzzles, mazes, fake advertisements, newsletter-style articles, pencil sketches, digital drawings and many more to amaze, amuse and confuse the student population. Oh, and a anthropomorphic dolphin with three legs in military uniform is mentioned somewhere.

The main goal of our magazine is to present a wide variety of content that takes on campus issues and politics while throwing in some stupid humor along-side in a way that nearly everyone from all walks of life can access, read and enjoy.

"Why do we have a blog if we're only based on one college campus," you ponder? Because we want to expand our outreach and target a new audience far outside the CUNY community. We follow a philosophy that everyone needs to have a good laugh once in a while considering the challenging times we live in, and if even one of our pieces accomplishes this, then we're doing our jobs right.

~~~ So who is behind this unique brand of madness? ~~~

Mike Young
Co-Creator, Editor-in-Chief (2007-2010), 
Lead Illustrator (2007-Present), Creative Consultant,
Blog Admin, Character Designer
The original creator of the magazine and the writer and illustrator of the Operation Three-Legged Dolphin storyline comic (issues 1 - 3). He has also set up the original layout of the magazine and provided most of the artwork and some of the more obscure works for issues 1 and some for 2 before the group of  illustrators started expanding by late 2009. To this day, he remains a key driving force behind the running of the magazine, which includes starting this blog and performing half of the outside leg work in keeping the organization alive.


Dave DiLillo
Secretary (2007-2010), 
Lead Illustrator (2007-Present), Character Designer,
Creative Consultant
The original Secretary for the organization and is partially responsible for the current design of the original dolphin. Alongside Mike Young, Dave provides a great share of creative input for current issues, including writing the famed "the humor magazine" parody for our fourth issue and continuously contributing article ideas and sketch-style artwork.

Edward Peppe
Editor-in-Chief (2010-Present), 
Lead Illustrator (2009-Present), Blog Admin
A digital illustrator that assumed the Editor-in-Chief position in time for the publishing of issue 4. He now helps maintain the blog, construct the magazine's latest layout and creates some artwork for the magazine, including the comic strip series The World According to Katie Anderson and blog layout artwork.