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Where would we be without the College of Staten Island student body and our staff? You make up the fans, the contributors, the editors and the promoters of the magazine. Everyone from all fields, talents and brands of know-how can be a part of the ever-growing Operation Three-Legged Dolphin family! We are never at a surplus of members, and everyone reading this right now can do their part in some way. "How" you ask? What were looking for in a staff member can be seen below:

All members of the staff are voting members. This means that anyone who has attended three (3) consecutive meetings are eligible to vote on various aspects of magazine business as listed in the agenda. Most staff positions are voted upon by the staff members based on the qualifications of the candidates.

All voting staff members are considered part of the O3LD Editorial Board. The Editorial Board is responsible for reading and editing submissions sent to the Editor-in-Chief or Assistant Editor. Each written work will undergo two edits before it is added into the magazine layout.

Unlike a Contributor (see below), a staff illustrator can add artwork to articles and be eligible for illustrating the cover for an issue, as well as designing artwork for flyers, posters and websites for the magazine. This requires a decent amount of talent in cartoon or realism drawing and digital drawing and coloring.

All staff members can take on the responsibility of promoting the magazine any way they can, including going into classrooms and various building and speaking to students and distributing copies of the magazine after meetings to the designated buildings on campus (1C, 1P, 1A, 2S, 2A, 1L). In addition, staff members can also promote the magazine outside of campus any way they can, as long as it doesn't compromise our reputation as a student organization.

Secretary: *
Also known as the "Minute Taker", this staff member has the responsibility of attending all of the meetings and recording and keeping record of all official business that was covered.

Treasurer: *
Also known as the Business Manager, the Treasurer handles the organization's budget and keeps track of all finances for the magazine. Must have some business experience or at least express an interest in a field of business.

These positions are reserved for staff members who have shown devotion to the organization through their hard work and determination. These members must have at least one (1) year of experience with the magazine and must prove fit to take on the responsibilities of the positions.

Editor-in-Chief: *
A staff member who assumes all duties of the President of the organization, including proofreading submissions, editing the magazine's layout, coordinating events, scheduling meetings, maintaining the magazine's blog and e-mail accounts and writing and presenting all official business to the staff at meetings. Must be computer-saavy, have good communication and leadership skills, is not afraid to assume tremendous responsibility and must act with the interests of the magazine, its staff, and its readers at heart.

Assistant Editor: *
The assistant to the Editor-in-Chief, also known as the Vice President. The Assistant Editor also proofreads submissions as well as acts as the organization's Publication Board representative. The Assistant Editor must be ready to assume the responsibilities of the Editor-in-Chief should he prove incapable to perform his set duties.

* These positions have already been filled.

Content Contributor:
Anybody can be a contributor to the magazine, even if you've never attended a single meeting or are hearing about us for the first time. Our purpose is to promote the work of fresh faces as well as seasoned O3LD veterans, even if it's only one issue. In order to submit anything to us, you must read and agree to our submission policy, which is revised regularly as time passes and distribution methods change.

Submission Policy (AS OF MARCH 7, 2011)
ARTICLE 1: Rights of the Contributor

  • A contributor must be a registered part-time or full-time student at The College of Staten Island of The City University of New York or a member of the CSI Alumni.
  • All contributors respect the right of the magazine to print, promote and distribute any work submitted to us via the print copy of the magazine.
  • All contributors are given the right to contest any distribution of their work through means other than the print copy of the magazine (e.g. the internet).
  • A contributor can submit a work via the magazine e-mail ( or in person at any of our meetings during presentation of new content in the organization's agenda.
  • A contributor has the right to be listed under the list of contributors in the magazine under an alias provided their legal name and student status is known to the staff in some way.
ARTICLE 2: Censorship
Operation Three-Legged Dolphin follows a very lenient censorship policy in order to avoid infringing on the creative expression of our contributors, but does enforces it in order to keep the magazine enjoyable for its readers and to maintain the integrity of the organization and its staff. Keep in mind that this magazine is very freely distributed and may land in the hands of some younger or more sensitive readers.

  • Use of some profanity and suggestive writing is allowed, but only to a certain extent up to which it may be deemed unacceptable for print and distribution by our staff.
  • Explicit depictions of sexually graphic or intensely violent imagery, be it in the form of writing or artwork will not be tolerated and may result in a request to edit the work or immediate rejection of the work.
ARTICLE 3: Legal
Operation Three-Legged Dolphin prides itself on being fresh and original with its content, which is why it enforces a strict legal policy when it comes to use of outside sources and materials. The following bullet points are quoted directly from the March 2011 revision of our club Constitution that regards Submission Policy, Article VIII Section 2:
  • "Any piece submitted to this publication must be the work of the contributor in its entirety. Any unlicensed use of copyrighted material or material that is not the original work of the contributor will be considered plagiarism and will result in the immediate rejection of the piece."
  • "Licensed use of outside material must include expressed written consent from the original author to the Editor-in-Chief or Assistant Editor AND must coincide with any Terms-of-Use that the material may be bound to."
Keep in mind that we do recognize parodies of already registered trademarks as falling under terms of fair use provided that the piece submitted is still the work of the contributor as a whole.

If you are interested in becoming a contributor or a staff member, 
or getting involved somehow, contact us or attend one of our meetings!

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