Thursday, May 31, 2012

Issue #7 + O3LD: The New Adventures

Starting today, the latest issue of Operation Three-Legged Dolphin will be posted on Issuu for all to read. This magazine will contain the fourteen-page epic conclusion to episode one of O3LD: The New Adventures, where the Dolphin's fate will lie solely on his ability to take out the Geometrolls without harming the hypnotized students that're after him. Also in this new issue will include works from both fresh faces and seasoned O3LD veterans alike.

With a new cover layout, a gripping action comic, a parody of the 2012 Presidential election, a drinking game based on the only campus magazine we have yet to tear to shreds, a friendly bastardization of one of the most beloved comic strips of all time, and so much more, this groundbreaking issue will leave you mentally violated and asking for more.