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Operation Three-Legged Dolphin #7
Originally published Spring/Summer 2012
Uploaded on October 1, 2012. READ NOW!
This issue features part two of episode one of the epic Operation Three-Legged Dolphin reboot featured in last semester's issue. The dolphin is trapped by both a Geometroll gone rogue and the students that are under his spell and has been ordered to capture our hero. He must either fight his way through or accept being captured. All this, and articles from newcomers and veterans alike make up the most controversial issue of O3LD to date.

 Originally published Fall/Winter 2011
Uploaded on December 2, 2011. READ NOW!

This issue features the premiere of a reboot of the original Operation Three-Legged Dolphin storyline, O3LD: The New Adventures Ep. 1 Part 1. The Three-Legged Dolphin has managed to achieve vigilante status by defending CSI students from the dangerous and the weird, but when the Math professors are held hostage by a group of pint-size dopplegangers, our hero finds that he may just be in over his head. This, an Angry Birds nature documentary, a story about a fast food sexual harassment scandal and much, much more make up this whacked-out issue of O3LD.
Originally published Spring/Summer 2011
Uploaded on June 4, 2011. READ NOW!

With a new layout, a new illustrators staff and a new editorial board, Operation Three-Legged Dolphin has raised the bar this semester with an array of content. In this issue, the Looney Tunes are threatening to drop their contract with Warner Bros. over a new television pilot, the ban of a popular energy drink gets mixed reactions from college students and the gnomes from issue 2 exact their revenge after a movie premiere ruins human-gnome relations.
Originally published Fall/Winter 2010
Uploaded on March 21, 2011. READ NOW!

This collaboration between newcomers and the existing staff contains our very own take on the "social network" movie, as well as a "loving" tribute to the Jersey Shore and a Dr. Seuss parody piece that gives a political spin to a children's classic. This, plus all the comic strips, fake advertisements and whatever else we were able to fit into forty-five pages to make this the most visually appealing issue of Operation Three-Legged Dolphin yet!
Originally published Spring/Summer 2010
Uploaded on March 21, 2011. READ NOW!

This issue contains the conclusion of the epic Operation Three-Legged Dolphin trilogy. Even after the defeat of the infamous CSI sarlaac, Sarah Palin swears to keep up her pursuit of the three-legged dolphin and promises to capture him by any means necessary. In addition, newcomer Zachary Snyder gives us his take on life as a CSI student with his "CSI Adventures" comic strip series.
Originally published Fall/Winter 2009
Uploaded on March 22, 2011. READ NOW!

This issue contains part two of the Operation Three-Legged Dolphin saga. After the demise of the legendary three-fisted sloth, our hero realizes that he has a new challenge on his hands in the form of a moose-hunting, Russia spying, rifle-toting, reality show showcasing governor from Alaska who wants the dolphin dead or alive as a military weapon. Our featured articles include a parody of Twilight and a really, really inappropriate use for Purell soap.
Operation Three-Legged Dolphin
Originally published Spring/Summer 2009
Uploaded on March 23, 2011. READ NOW!

The one that started it all, both the Operation Three-Legged Dolphin storyline as well as the mass-printed madness that has bewildered CSI students for quite a few years now. The storyline begins with the United States military experimenting with dolphins, the smartest mammals on the planet, and massive amounts of radiation. A fatal mistake in the experiment gives us our three-legged hero that ends up breaking out of the government facility in search of a purpose. Where the dolphin is headed, nobody knows. One this is for sure, though...he is not alone.